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Dragon meets Condor

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I’ve been studying Daoist internal alchemy, Chinese Medicine and Qigong for the past 10 years.  I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, massage therapist, certified Qi Gong instructor and Yi Jing consultant (Chinese Astrologist).  The Daoist arts have helped to transform my life on so many levels and dimensions and I am grateful to help and teach others.

In this past year, I’ve been drawn to the incredibly inspiring  Eagle Condor Council healing intensive program.  This Andean nature mysticism school has lifted me to magical new heights on my spiritual journey.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.  I am also incredibly honored to be a proud student of Jeff Firewalker and Ellen Kittredge.

One of the most interesting things about these Andean teachings is the incredible similarity to Daoism.  I’m amazed that these two cultures, separated by thousands of miles and the entire Pacific Ocean, have such similar cosmology and internal alchemical knowledge.  It really makes me wonder about the origins of human beings—that is another conversation entirely.  

One of the most striking similarities between these two cultures is the intimate connection to the lower energy center.  This center is slightly below or around the naval.  The Daoist call this center the lower Dan Tian (elixir field) and the Andeans call it the Qosqo (spiritual stomach).  

The Dan Tian/Qosqo energy center is vital for the development of good health, longevity and the completion and fulfillment of ones destiny.  Spiritual growth is limited without the development of this vital energy center.  This message becomes very clear whether it comes from my Chinese medicine background, Daoist internal alchemy, or from the teachings of the Eagle Condor Council.

The lower energy center is the great alchemical cooker.  It eats and transforms dense energy from emotional, mental and physical levels.  My Daoist teacher (Wu Dang Daoist priest, Master Chen) says that this energy center is in a dormant state for 99% of humans.  That means that for most of us we are running at 2-3% capacity.  We are basically sitting on a sleeping alchemical volcano, waiting to be activated.

The Dan Tian/Qosqo represents willpower, physical work and the power of service.  If depleted or toxic this great furnace turns into a meek flame and becomes ineffective.  Cultivation becomes paramount in the revitalization process.  

The number one, most important tool for a powerful Dan Tian/Qosqo is eating a clean diet with prayer and presence.  A clean diet is a process of cultivation in and of itself as everyone requires different nutrients.  However, most people are going to feel better without the modern conveniences of processed food and refined sugar.

I have learned the most amazing techniques in the Eagle Condor program to awaken and sustain the Dan Tian/Qosqo.  Techniques like the 4 Suns Alignment exercise, Saminchakuy, and Hucha Mikhuy have been vital additions to my daily spiritual hygiene practices.  For more information, please consider joining the next Eagle Condor Healing Intensive.  You can register at eaglecondorcouncil.org.  

From my current perspective as a Westerner seeking spiritual guidance from ancient cultures, I have the great opportunity to act as a bridge person.  By studying the ancestors we are actually preparing for the future.  Truth lies within the heart and as I study the Heart of humanity, I understand that all cultures have the seeds of truth.  It’s time to bridge the gaps as we go Back to the Future.

Callan Welder owns Marshall Acupuncture & Herb Clinic in downtown Marshall, NC.  He also teaches a weekly Qi Gong class at Magic Town Movement Studio.  For more information, you can check him out at marshallacupuncture.com. 



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