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Life is challenging.  Do you agree?  I mean, come on, let’s be honest here.  I practice medicine, live on a farm and am surrounded by beautiful, hard working, honest people.  But it’s a tough world to stay sane in.  There is upheaval around every corner, both in the geopolitical arena and also in my own home.

That’s why a regular practice to something, anything is critical for my emotional and physical well being.  It takes courage everyday to do it, to make the practice happen.  I probably won’t even see the benefits until much later.  I also need to build trust and faith that what I am doing is worth it.

My Daoist teacher, Master Chen, says you must follow the 3 D’s to achieve your goals.  Discipline, Dedication, and Devotion to make your dreams come true.  Commitment is the requirement!  Make a decision to do the practice and then show up everyday.

I just completed a 100 day commitment to a Qi Gong practice that I committed to with a group of my students.  The practice was sometimes grueling and I didn’t always want to show up and participate.  But I did it anyway!  Every day for 100 days.

My experience over the last 100 days has been tremendous growth.  Not in the, ‘oh my gosh life is so awesome’ kind of way.  But in the deep growth that is allowing me to become my most authentic self.  The REAL stuff!  So, this 100 day commitment is over, but not really.  The doorway is now open for something new.

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