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Acupuncture first visit

"My first experience with Marshall Acupuncture was much better than anticipated.Dr Callan spent a tremendous amount of time with me listening to me and my goals.He then explained to me how to go about achieving these goals.He then did my treatment and I have been feeling better every day, my neck and back pain has been reduced and my over all well being has intensified.He made me feel very comfortable,I would definitely recommend Marshall Acupuncture as I will certainly be a returning patient. KC"

K.C. February 6, 2018

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Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments

"I had bad allergy symptoms (e.g., middle of the night coughing and wheezing). I went to see Callan. His treatment protocol of acupuncture and herbs worked well for me after a series of appointments (i.e. produced beneficial effects in the form of the relief of my symptoms). Callan is a good practitioner, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend him to anyone wanting acupuncture and or herbal treatments."

J.S. February 6, 2018

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A Transformative and Healing Experience.

"Callan, a natural healer with a calm, patient & reassuring presence, has been thoughtful, intuitive & generous with his treatments. He's relieved my initial pain & we've moved on to treat deeper, more chronic issues with great success. His nutritional counseling has resulted in improved mood, energy & almost effortless weight loss. His massage svcs are exceptionally thorough & professional as well. The experience is always soothing & uplifting. I'm tremendously grateful for all of Callan's help."

A.P. February 6, 2018

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Thank you Marshall Acupuncture Clinic for effective relief

I don’t pretend to understand what Chinese medicine is all about, but I can’t argue with success. In Western medicine, when a body part hurts, a drug is prescribed to dull the pain, but the source of the pain remains. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a way to get rid of the source of the pain. Something about opening up blocked channels. While I don’t understand it with my Western mind, I know that after two acupuncture treatments the soreness in two different part of my body was GONE. And the next morning the soreness was still gone. No drugs! Just a few tiny needles tenderly applied and a lovely time of deep, total relaxation while the needles did their work... whatever that was.

P. M. Laurel Community, NC March 5, 2016

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Amazing Results

I've been suffering from a hole in my ear drum, loss of hearing and recurring painful ear infections for the past 11 months. After frequent visits over months to an ENT provided no relief, I visited Callan. The relief was almost immediate. After 6 sessions, the hole in my ear drum is gone and I can finally hear well again. I was scheduled to have an expensive surgery this week but was able to cancel it. Callan's calm presence and intuitive touch were so reassuring. I am eternally grateful!

Susie M. March 5, 2016

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Best decision I ever made!

Highly recommend especially as an alternative to Western medicine. They are knowledgeable and caring.

Lyn Tedone March 5, 2016

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Welcome to Madison County

Thank you, Callan, for the consistently high quality of attention you provided me during my recent acupuncture and herbal treatments.

I attribute my feeling of clarity and well-being to your perceptive and intense listening during our visits, your relating details of my immediate situations to the big picture of Chinese medicine’s principles, the time you took to situate needles and explain how everything works, and to the intelligence and tenderness with which you rendered my procedures, always resulting in my relief and gladness to see you.

You have an incredible gift of connecting your vast knowledge with deep care that comes through your hands. I left each treatment amazed and glad to be feeling better! Your enthusiasm and solicitousness are rare and fine qualities in a healer.

I wish you all success in your vision of spreading health and relief in your new endeavor.

A. A. Marshall, NC March 5, 2016